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","":"New record set for timing with 960 global events timed in 2017.","search.results":"Your search has returned without any results.T.","clear":"Clear","week":"(past 7 days)","unclaim.success":"Your unclaim request succeeded. Your dashboard will be updated shortly.","your.facebook.a.sportstats.account":"None of your Facebook friends have Sportstats account.","TEN_M":"10M","companies":"Company(ies)","overview.twitter.marathon":"#marathon","":"Membership platform grows by 20% with 220k results claimed!, ","success":"Success","":"December 2017 Sportstats awarded all Rock \u0027n\u0027 Roll events in the USA through 2020 adding 400,000 annual participants.

","view":"View","grid.time":"Time","athlete.results":"Athlete Results","race.type":"Race Type","follow.dialog.header":"Follow Athlete","info.answer":"The following fields are optional but you should fill them if you are planning to claim results as the information they contain will be used to match results.","irun.subscribe":"Subscribe to recieve a FREE digital edition of the \u003ca href\u003d\" Run magazine\u003c/a\u003e","edit.profile.picture.details.5":"Please note that if your image is smaller than 300x300 pixels or if you are using your Facebook profile picture, you will not be able to zoom or crop picture.","edit.profile.picture.details.4":"Once you are happy with your picture, simply click on update.","edit.profile.picture.details.3":"Then, use the picture editor and preview box to zoom and crop your picture.","edit.profile.picture.details.2":"To change your profile picture, first click on Choose a Picture and select an image file from your computer or device.","facebook.users.notice4":"to set up a password with the email address that your Facebook account is associated with and we will transfer your account.","facebook.users.notice3":"here","facebook.users.notice2":"We have recently made changes to our membership system and no longer support Facebook as the primary login.Please click ","facebook.users.notice1":"Attention Facebook Users:","":"Split Name","official time":"Official Time","facebook.share":"Share","quebec":"Quebec","":"Event Name","":"Start Date","":"This email address is linked to an account that was created with Facebook.Please check your criteria and try again.","is.scheduled.for":"is scheduled for","":"Sportstats times the ITU World Champoinship in Muskoka, ON ","":"New Sportstats office opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan","":"Sportstats acquires AAA Racing and opens an office near Clearmont, FL","VERIFICATION_REQUIRED":"Verification Required","edit.profile.title.2":"Profile","claim.error.claiming":"An error occurred while processing your result request.Please try again at a later time.","edit.profile.title.1":"dit","edit.profile.title.0":"E","athletes":"Athletes","corporate.header":"Let us know about any issues or requests you may have.

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Please use the Log In with Facebook button to access your account.","":"\"Email addresses do not match\"","completed.race":"COMPLETED RACE","faq.picture.2":"Sportstats only publishes a link towards the website of the photo company.