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This is a man who hates dogs, the best creature in God's creation, but Janice loved him anyway.

Furthermore, Janice treated Chandler's friends with the same level of kindness and respect.

College Humor is launching three new Fall shows this week, all of which have a defined run and the potential to be picked up for another “season” if they do well.

The shows will debut new episodes at the same time and day each week, giving fans the opportunity to check in at the designated time for their favorites.

Rachel convinced Bonnie to shave her head, has Ross break up with Bonnie to be with her (after kissing him twice) and then Rachel breaks up with Ross herself. In the show, the season 3 finale was a fun trip to the shore. Sadly, Bonnie isn't the only victim in the Friends' sexual mind games.

Other than her contribution in writing/acting in CH Originals, Sarah also writes a weekly feature Pop Culture Cliffs Notes and countless articles.

Rather than have an adult conversation, Chandler let Janice believe he lived in a third-world country for four fucking years.

While all the Friends have a habit of showing little actual affection or empathy towards their romantic conquests, Joey is the worst of them.

In Joey's mind this is code for sex, even though lemonade is, objectively, the least sexy drink. Here's some of Joey's greatest hits of predatory behavior: Worst of all, he takes a woman to an isolated cabin, (mistakenly) throws her artificial leg in the fire and runs before she wakes up.

From Joey's perspective that's an embarrassing story.

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Rachel, like she did with all of Ross' girlfriends, hated Bonnie for no goddamn reason.

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